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Batak rapid reactions game hire

Batak style Rapid Reactions Games for Parties, Company Team Events and Promotions

Very lively games, available in varying guises, which all follow the same principle of gameplay, namely if a light is glowing hit it!


Rapid Reactions Tabletop GameBatak table top game for hire to exhibitions

This is perfect for fast moving, single play or head to head battles.

The table is approx 1m sq, with branding opportunities to the top and sides.

The game can also be vertically mounted.

There's more information on the Strike a Light game here





Batak compact version game hire

Batak Rapid Reactions Game (compact version)

A compact version of the aboove game, this is the preferred option where space is at a premium or a speedier, more light-hearted game is required.

The arrangement of the lights means novice players can rapidly tap away at the lights without having to reach so far.





Batak Rapid Reactions GameBatak game branded

Batak tests the player’s speed of reaction in a fun way. Lights on the frame illuminate randomly and have to be hit as quickly as possible. Every time one is hit another comes on. How many can you score in 1 minute.
It’s a very lively game.

Full width branding greatly enhances the promotional value of the game.

The frame measures approx 2m w x 0.5m d x 2m h





6 Player Rapid Reactions Tabletop Game6 player Batak style reactions game to rent or hire

This great new reactions game is for up to 6 players.

The striking and colourful design theme is stars and UFOs.

Perfect for team games, large social gatherings, parties etc

Approx 2.5m diameter

See more information on this exciting new game here




Lightning reactions game for hire

Arcade Style Rapid Reactions Game

The hands really fly with this game, as there are so many more lights to chase. Suitable for 1 or 2 players, this much bigger game is great for high throughput.

For anyone not tall enough to reach the top row the machine automatically eliminates it from the game, making it ideal for youngsters.

Approx 1.9 x 1.7 x 2.4m

For more info on this game please click here








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