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Health and Wellbeing Activities for Corporate Events

With an increasing focus on staff welfare and health and wellbeing days becoming ever more common we are pleased to be able to offer these unique activities which are perfect for such events.

  • Health and Wellbeing Days
  • Relaxation Events
  • Company Staff Wellness Days
  • Company Fun Days
  • Staff Welfare Events



Cereball - the intriguing relaxation game

This is the perfect choice for a Wellbeing Day. Participants always enjoy this amazing 2 player game, where relaxing is the key to success. It's fun, it's mildly competitive, and totally unintimidating.

Perfect for all.


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The Relaxation Game - Balloon Flight

Lie back in the reclining chair and fly a hot air balloon, using only your mind and breath control techniques (important tools for controlling stress). The more relaxed you are the more you will be able to control the balloon flight.

Alternative games include:

Filling the Pot of Gold

Racing a Car (yes, the more you relax the more fuel you receive)

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Sensory Bed

The ultimate 'relaxation' experience!

A warm water bed, headphones playing soothing music and light emitting glasses all combine to create a deeply relaxing experience.

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Aura Readings

This client testimonial says it all:

'This was a perfect match.  It was fresh, popular and interesting to watch as people realised that its output was far deeper than they imagined.  It was run by a highly educated and knowledgeable couple and is probably best described as somewhere between horoscope, psychic and alternative healing.'

To learn more please click  here



Mind Art

Another intriguing and innovative experience, with the focus on relaxation and mindfulness. Just relax and let your thoughts create a pastel coloured image on the screen in front of you. No two images are ever the same!





Massage TherapyMobile indian head massage service

With this experience the mobile massage service comes to you.

Indian Head Massage 




These and other relaxing and remedial therapies are sure to contribute to a   de-stressed staff.

All sessions are conducted in a private, mobile therapy room, by a highly qualified practitioner.



Any or all of the above can be complemented with the services of experienced practitioners who can offer introductory courses on relaxation techniques, alternative medicines and therapies etc.

Please do contact us to discuss your plans.


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