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'Cereball' the game of football with the mind

Play 'Football with the Mind' At Exhibitions and Special Events!

‘Cereball’ is an intriguing ball game, played out through the power of the mind only. It’s great fun for the players and is guaranteed to attract a crowd as well.

The simple objective of the game is to move the ball away from you and into your opponent’s goal. The only way to do this is by thinking about it, or more specifically, not thinking about it! The more relaxed you are the more the ball moves away.

Mindball football game for exhibition stands and boothsHeadband sensors take brainwave measurements which are then translated electronically into movement of the ball. The trick is to keep as calm and un-stressed as possible. When you’re doing well that’s quite easy, but once the ball starts getting close to your goal it can become a different story.

This truly is a game where less is more!


The table measures approx 1.5m x 0.8m and can be a standalone unit, but for added appeal a screen that graphically displays the players performances is strongly recommended.

Access to 13 amp power is the only additional requirement.

The game can be dry hired, but for the best results we recommend the services of a professional host. Your host will not only look after the gameplay, but also assist with attracting visitors to your stand, qualifying them and steering interested parties to your sales team.







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