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Aura reading photos on exhibition booth

Aura Readings Experience for Exhibitions and Special Events

This unique Aura Reading Experience is always engaging, intriguing and informative. It's a blend of special photographic techniques and the interpretative skills of expert practitioners.

Perfect forAura analysis for an exhibition stand or entertainment

Exhibitions and Trade Shows
Parties and Balls
Health and Wellbeing Events

All humans generate a field of electromagnetic energy which can be translated into a visual image with the aid of special cameras. Varying colours and patterns are created and these can reflect your personality and state of wellbeing.

Your personal aura image is generated by placing a hand on to a glass plate which is linked to a special camera. This image can be analysed and interpreted in one of 2 ways:

By personal consultation with an expert analyst.
With the aid of a printed self-interpretation card, presented with the image.

By combining the two it is possible for everyone to have a great experience and to achieve a high throughput of visitors .



 Testimonial  October 2015

'We wanted an exhibition activity that complemented our corporate identity; a little different, a positive market disruptor through technology and full of substance.  This was a perfect match.  It was fresh, popular and interesting to watch as people realised that its output was far deeper than they imagined.  It was run by a highly educated and knowledgeable couple and is probably best described as somewhere between horoscope, psychic and alternative healing.'









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